7 Mistakes People Make When Cleaning Their Own Offices

7 Mistakes People Make When Cleaning Their Own Offices

Although cleaning spaces like an office can seem very simple, you can cause a lot of problems if you do it wrong. Many people choose to do their own cleaning instead of spending money on commercial cleaners, especially if they don’t have a large area to keep clean. However, this can lead to any number of mistakes and problems, including the following top 7 mistakes that people make when cleaning their office:

1. Using Bleach On Mould
One of the most common cleaning myths in the world is that bleach kills mould. It doesn’t. Instead, it makes it lighter so that you can’t see it, meaning that it has the potential to grow back later. Instead of using bleach, choose a vinegar or alcohol based solution.

2. Using Old, Dirty Equipment
When you are trying to clean an area, you should always use new cleaning equipment. Using old, dirty sponges and cloths is a great way to spread germs and dirt, resulting in a poor clean which doesn’t have the ‘sparkle’ of a professional clean. If you insist on cleaning your own office, clean your cleaning equipment regularly!

3. Using Hot Water On Carpet Stains
So, you’ve just spilled coffee or food on your office carpet, and you want to clean it. Most people will go straight for warm water to try and clean up carpet stains, which is the worst thing you can do. Warm water reacts with most stains, setting them into the carpet and making them harder to get out.

4. Using The Wrong Natural Cleaners
In the modern world, eco-friendly cleaning has become a big things. Because of this, you might have decided to use natural cleaners and cleaning products. However, you still need to know what cleaners to use where, otherwise you could run into all sorts of problems.

5. Using The Wrong Product On The Wrong Surface
If you don’t really know what you’re doing, you may find yourself using the wrong cleaning products on the wrong surfaces. This can cause damage to sensitive surfaces, and may leave streaks and stains on others.

6. Cleaning The Window When It’s Warm Outside
It might seem natural to clean your windows on a warm, sunny day. However, it is best to avoid doing this if possible, as cleaning on warm days will lead to your window cleaning solution evaporating quickly, leaving streaks behind, instead of the sparkles you are probably after.

7. Not Following Instructions
Cleaning products come with instructions for use – for a reason! A lot of people either don’t read or don’t follow these instructions, and this can cause all sorts of problems. Always read the instructions before using a cleaning product, and always follow them closely.

Final Word
Unless you are an experienced cleaner, it can be easy to make mistakes when you are cleaning your office. Avoid the common mistakes listed above, and you will find your cleaning efforts are much more efficient! Alternatively, hire a professional commercial cleaner.

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